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Take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level with our high-end affiliate site setups.

User-Centered Design

Build credibility, improve your user experience across all devices, and increase your click-through and conversion rates.

Engaging Copy

We provide unique and captivating action-driven SEO-focused content to engage your users, build trust and credibility.

SEO Optimized

Our websites are built for SEOs. The affiliate site setup package comes with some of the most important on-page best practices.

Our Process

Learn more about the Costa Rank process


Step 1 – Research and Planning

We start by researching your niche, identifying the local keywords with the highest volume and buyer intent (in case they are not provided to us), and create a content plan for the local site. This is a very important part of the Costa Rank process, allows us to plan the structure and elements of your site before starting the writing process.


Step 2 – Content Writing

Once we’re done with the keyword research and planning phase, our team of writers starts working on the copy immediately. Our niche research process allows us to get a very good understanding of every local niche imaginable, finding to right language, and style, to drive the customer to take the necessary actions on the site.


Step 3 – Revising and Content Editing

Arguably, one of the most important steps of our process. We have strict guidelines when it comes to who works and writes for us. However, mistakes do occasionally happen, especially when writers are working on so many niches, and writing so many words. So we’ve implement and content revision phase, where our senior copywriter goes through the content once again, proofreads it, makes the necessary adjustments, before building the site.


Step 4 – Branding and UI

What sets us apart from the competition is the amount of resources and investment that we’ve made into our designing and branding process. We’re not just using the same designs again and again. Our team of designers creates a unique brand and UI layouts for our local sites, which are then used by our team of developers.


Step 5 – Development and SEO

Once the edited content is ready, and the final design is approved, our developers start building the local site. Our custom child theme and plugins are all specifically pre-chosen for our local sites allowing our developers to begin the developing process easily and configuring the necessary WordPress settings.


Step 6 – Quality Control and Delivery

At the end of the process, and before sending the report to our clients, our product manager does a final check on the site, makes the necessary adjustments and prepares the site for deployment. The site is finally transferred to the client’s host and a comprehensive report is sent by email.

Before reporting and delivering the site to the client, our product manager revises the entire site, makes the necessary adjustments, and prepares the site for deployment. Once the site is on the client’s host and domain, the final report is sent by email.

Affiliate Demo Website

Website Design

Our websites guarantee a positive and enjoyable user experience and a user-friendly interface. We make use of modern UI, and awesome branding. We use cutting edge graphics and design to improve credibility and establish your brand as an authority in your niche.

Mobile Responsiveness

If you’re website isn’t mobile-ready, your site doesn’t matter. It’s that simple. If your website is not responsive to all devices you will not be competitive. Over the last few years affiliates are seeing an increasingly amount of users accessing their site exclusively from their smartphone or tablet, so our mobile-approach will allow you to stay ahead of the low-end affiliates and compete with the big brands.

Product Comparison

Users want scannable and informative content, and that is what product comparisons give them. Our websites include comparison tables to make it easy for your visitors to compare products and get what they want with little to no effort, increasing your CTRs substantially!

Product Reviews

Product reviews offer visitors the ability to make an informed decision based on the experiences of others. Our reviews are modeled after actual reviews by buyers and showcase both the pros and cons of each product. Reviews are carefully written by our content team to be unbiased and helpful to your visitors.

Main Features

Some of the main features of our affiliate sites

Original Content

Treat your buyers to original and engaging content and see your conversion rates increase, your credibility builds and user satisfaction jumps.

Integrated SEO

All our websites have integrated on-page SEO, including content optimization, metadata, alt tags, and so much more. We make sure the site is built for users and search engines.

Powered by WordPress

Our sites are built on the most popular and one of the most powerful CMS in the world. Allowing you to easily edit your site in the future.

Website Security

Hacking is a huge problem, so we’ve created a WordPress security setup to prevent your sites from getting attacked.

Speed is Key

Slow-loading websites never get anywhere – literally. Our websites are optimized for maximum performance and speed.

Comprehensive Reports

To help you manage your new site, we provide a comprehensive report that includes all the sites built, your content strategy, the URL structure and more.

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