Local Site Setup Service

Start generating local leads with our highly-optimized local sites.

Optimal Design

Professionally designed websites improve user experience, conversion rates and build your brand into a competitive authority.

Unique Content

Interesting and unique content establishes your credibility and engages visitors to stay for longer and come back again.


On-page optimization, alt tags, clean URL structure, metadata and mobile-adaptability features are all included in our websites to ensure that it is SEO-friendly.


Here’s some information about our prices during launch

  • Local

  • Premium Web Design
  • WordPress Premium Theme
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • Content (Service Pages and Posts)
  • Custom Logo
  • Media Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Schema JSON Implemented
  • Speed and Performance Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Cloudflare Integration and Optimization
  • Clicky.com Integrated
  • Security Setup
  • Persona Creation
  • Lead Magnet + Auto Emails
  • Full Account + Content Strategy Report
  • Estimated Delivery

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Main Features

Some of the main features of our local sites

Engaging and Fresh Content

We create our local sites with fresh content written by our native English-speaking writers. All content is unique and checked against billions of existing sites for originality.

SEO Features

Our local sites have integrated SEO features that help with both on-page and off-page SEO efforts, including link-building, keywords and other SEO-related practices.

Speed and Performance

All our local websites include code and image optimization to build a site that is clean, fast and that performs optimally.

Clicky Analytics

Track your visitors and other stats for free through our integrated Clicky Analytics feature. Every local site has this tool built in. Not Available

Security Features

Our sites are WordPress-based and include special security features to safeguard your local site against hacking efforts.

Site Report

Each client receives a full report on accounts created, the content strategy, and other important features to help you manage and take advantage of your new local site.

Sample Site

Here’s one of our samples sites

Design and Graphics

You want a website that users will enjoy and want to keep visiting. You also want to establish your brand as credible and create trust in your products. Our websites help you do all of this with optimized design and modern UI graphics.

Accessible on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, most people surf the web on their mobile devices. If your mobile website loads slowly or not at all, you won’t inspire confidence in potential customers. All of our local sites are created with this in mind and are completely mobile-friendly. We ensure that your visitors can navigate your site with ease, no matter where they are.


An effective call to action is the key to conversion. The best way to achieve this is through our strategically placed call-to-action buttons and creative content. These buttons are placed where visitors cannot miss them and will be driven to click on them.

Schema JSON

You want to help search engines find you and read your website without complications. This means you need structured data to help them read the information on your website and rank you accordingly. This feature increases CTR by helping the search engine show important additional elements of your website.

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