Local Site Setup Service

Amaze your local clients or take your lead gen campaigns to a whole new level

Modern Design

Professionally designed websites, user-focused, bringing you more leads that the typical local website.

Unique Content

Action-driven content to improve your conversion rates, making your local clients take the actions you want them to take.


On-page optimization, alt tags, clean URL structure, metadata and mobile-adaptability, schema implementation, are all included with our local sites.

Our Process

Learn more about the Costa Rank process


Step 1 – Research and Planning

We start by researching your niche, identifying the local keywords with the highest volume and buyer intent (in case they are not provided to us), and create a content plan for the local site. This is a very important part of the Costa Rank process, allows us to plan the structure and elements of your site before starting the writing process.


Step 2 – Content Writing

Once we’re done with the keyword research and planning phase, our team of writers starts working on the copy immediately. Our niche research process allows us to get a very good understanding of every local niche imaginable, finding to right language, and style, to drive the customer to take the necessary actions on the site.


Step 3 – Revising and Content Editing

Arguably, one of the most important steps of our process. We have strict guidelines when it comes to who works and writes for us. However, mistakes do occasionally happen, especially when writers are working on so many niches, and writing so many words. So we’ve implement and content revision phase, where our senior copywriter goes through the content once again, proofreads it, makes the necessary adjustments, before building the site.


Step 4 – Branding and UI

What sets us apart from the competition is the amount of resources and investment that we’ve made into our designing and branding process. We’re not just using the same designs again and again. Our team of designers creates a unique brand and UI layouts for our local sites, which are then used by our team of developers.


Step 5 – Development and SEO

Once the edited content is ready, and the final design is approved, our developers start building the local site. Our custom child theme and plugins are all specifically pre-chosen for our local sites allowing our developers to begin the developing process easily and configuring the necessary WordPress settings.


Step 6 – Quality Control and Delivery

At the end of the process, and before sending the report to our clients, our product manager does a final check on the site, makes the necessary adjustments and prepares the site for deployment. The site is finally transferred to the client’s host and a comprehensive report is sent by email.

Before reporting and delivering the site to the client, our product manager revises the entire site, makes the necessary adjustments, and prepares the site for deployment. Once the site is on the client’s host and domain, the final report is sent by email.

Local Site Demo

Website Design

Design is what sets Costa Rank apart from the other competitors in our space. Our user-first action-driven UI/UX allows our clients to increase conversion rates, and establish themselves as authorities in their local markets.


As mobile searches increase more and more over the years, the importance of having a mobile-first site has never been so important. Our local sites are created with this in mind and are completely mobile-friendly. We ensure that your visitors can navigate your site with ease, no matter where they are.


As local marketers, you’re looking to generate as many quote form submissions and phone calls as possible. Those two main actions are constantly called for on our local sites, with the study-based placement of buttons and call-to-action sections on pages and posts.

Schema JSON

The search engines have been paying more attention to structured data over the last few years. Not only does Schema help bots understand the content on your site, but this will also lead to higher SERP CTRs as users get access to more information about your local website.

Main Features

Some of the main features of our local sites

Engaging and Unique copy

We create our local sites with fresh content written by our native English-speaking writers. All content is unique and checked against billions of existing sites for originality.

Integrated SEO

All of our local websites respect on-page SEO best practices, including the right content optimization, custom meta descriptions for higher CTRs, image optimization, schema and so much more.

Powered by WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it’s easy to use, configure and make the necessary adjustments to your local site.

Security Features

It’s impossible to be 100% safe against hacking but improving your site’s security is one of our main priorities covered by our unique security setup.

Speed is Everything

You have a few seconds to convince potential customers to take the actions you’re looking for. Our sites are optimized for speed, so you don’t lose potential clients.

Complete Reports

Get access to our content strategy, URL structure, and more on a final report with all of the information you need to start promoting your site.

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