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Domain Registrars



Our domain registrar of choice. The prices are very competitive, probably the cheapest ones I’ve seen. There isn’t a huge variety of TLDs to choose from, but they support all of the major international extensions. The price is definitely a big plus for NameSilo, but they all have free WHOIS privacy for all domains, included in the registration fee.



Another great registrar. Slightly more expensive than NameSilo, but a great alternative, especially if you’re looking for some ccTLDs like .co.uk. WHOIS privacy is included with the domain registration with no additional charge, for the first year.



By far the most expensive of the three, not great for one-off registrations, but a good option to hold domains you’ve acquired through auctions. They have a great variety of TLDs as well.

Hosting Providers



This it the company we’re currently recommending to most of our clients. They have great shared hosting, amazing support, and you can easily upgrade to any of their higher-level packages at any point. Every site has a free SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt. It’s super easy to enable and disable HTTPS and keep your sites secure.

digital ocean

Digital Ocean

This is our go-to hosting if you’re setting up a more complex environment and want to have the flexibility to grow your VPS servers. It’s a little bit more difficult to get started, the support isn’t as good as SiteGround, but their prices are amazing, and there are virtually no limitations when it comes to Digital Ocean. We’ve put together a guide on how to setup cPanel and WHM on a Digital Ocean Dropplet, which you can read on our blog!

SEO Tools



One of the best backlink analysis tools out there. We’ve recently started using its main competitor as well, Ahrefs, but when it comes to bulk filtering and any bulk actions, Majestic is way superior simply because they have less account limits and it’s cheaper. The crawler isn’t as fast as Ahrefs, but it’s a great affordable option if you’re getting started with SEO.



Arguably one, if not the most, powerful SEO tool out there. The crawler is amazingly fast, it’s great to do keyword research, check broken links, auditing your site, tracking SERP rankings and so much more.

KW Finder

With Google updating their Keyword Planner, KW Finder became an even more important tool. It’s affordable, and it’s a great tool to help you with keyword research, analyzing your competition and they’re now leveraging a couple of APIs to help you with SERP and backlink analysis as well.

Pro Rank Tracker

This is one of the tools we use to track rankings. It’s fairly accurate, with several device, location, and search engine options. It also lets you track YouTube rankings, which is a big plus for us.

WordPress Themes and Plugins



This WordPress page builder developed by Elegant Themes is currently our theme of choice. It’s easily customizable, and the ET team has been working really hard to make sure it runs smoothly on WordPress with different 3″rd” party plugins and solutions. The ability to save, edit, and reuse layouts is one of the most useful features for us, allowing us to scale our designs and customize them for each client.



All our stores are powered by WooCommerce. This free plugin leads the WordPress e-commerce market, and whether you’re building a simple service store, or an online shop with thousands of products, WooCommerce is most likely a great option for you.